MINNOWTRUCKAt Suchy’s minnows our commercial trucks can haul loads from 100 pounds up to 600 pounds. Minnow hauling consists of a proven balance in care and understanding to keep bait fish fresh. First and foremost is the oxygen balance. The oxygen cylinder system applies the perfect and healthy balance fish require to stay fresh and lively during a lengthy transport.  Second, tanks must be kept sterile and we make that a mandatory part of our daily process. Third is the temperature at which we keep our bins for a dependable and lively delivery. There’s  many aspects to it all, it’s some what of a science that perfected 2 generations ago.

Water quality- It’s an essential part of the minnow transportation process. The water on our trucks are always properly balanced with  dissolved oxygen (DO). We do not use pond water. Only fresh water from a natural fresh water pump deep within the earth.

Fresh Minnows- Our minnows will always arrive healthy and in good condition. Loading and transport stress varies with species and size. Our delicate and proven methods have been a staple of our success. There are many important variables affecting fish transport. It is imperative that a hauler exercise the steps that are necessary to keep the minnows alive and well until arrival.

We have hauling options available.

In order for us to quote you a price on hauling we need certain bits of information.

1) Location

2) Quantity and Size

3) Frequency of trips

Please call us for a price quote to your location.